5th May 2024

Mark Johnson5781%Tony McEvoy4463%Phil Ruffell3651%
Trevor Smith5781%Gary Smith4463%Graham Warren3550%
Nigel Ware5781%Paul Dowsett4260%Phil Allen3449%
Andrew Dowsett5579%Stuart King4260%Ian Best3347%
Mark Walker5477%Martin French4159%Marc Burnham3144%
Derek Street5173%Robert Hughes4159%Sophie King3144%
Andy Howard5071%Matthew Hall4057%Abi Stinson3144%
Stephen Stinson4970%Nigel Hawker4057%Joshua Titcombe3043%
Rod Walker4970%Kevin Stevens4057%Alan Hopcraft2941%
Peter Ward4970%Harrison Walker4057%Tony Marotto2941%
Steve Davis4869%Darren Andrews3956%Jackie Judd2739%
David Farr4869%Paul Thomsett3956%David Smith2739%
Robin Gibbs4869%Margaret Baxter3854%Ed Judd2637%
Richard Hall4869%Barry Glister3854%Chris Mison2536%
Tony Aubrey4767%Jeff Goodridge3854%Bill Turmeau2536%
John Davies4666%John Russell3854%Martin Townsend2434%
Jack Dowsett4564%Paul Baile3651%John Connely2231%
Handicap results to follow

21st April 2024

Tony Aubery6187%Paul Dowsett4564%Sophie King3753%
Carl Mills5680%Richard Hall4564%Jonathan Green3651%
Mark Johnson5680%Alan Hopcraft4463%Ed Judd3550%
David Farr5376%Darren Andrews4361%Jackie Judd3550%
John Russell5274%Gary Smith4361%Matthew Hall3449%
Tony McEvoy5173%Robert Hughes4361%Mark Wiggins3347%
Trevor Smith5173%Paul Thomsett (G)4361%Ian Best3347%
Glyn Murray5071%John Davies4260%Stephen Allen3144%
Joshua Titcombe5071%Stuart King4260%Phil Raffell (G)3144%
Peter Ward5071%Adrian Gray4159%Abi Stinson3043%
Phil Allen5071%David Chrobnik4159%Martin Townsend3043%
Nigel Hawker4970%Martin French4159%Peter Noakes3043%
Andrew Dowsett4767%Trevor Eddolls4159%Chris Mison2840%
Jeff Goodridge4767%Paul Baile (G)4159%David Smith2637%
Steve Davis4767%Barry Glister3956%Tony Marotto2536%
Marc Burnham4767%Nigel Ware3956%John Conneely2130%
Andy Howard4666%Rod Walker3956%Mick Cox1927%
Phillip Haynes4666%Kevin Stevens3753%

Club Champion 2023-2024 Trevor Smith

At the AGM it was incorrectly announced the new Club Champion was Derek Street. This was incorrect due to a counting error, for which I sincerely apologise.

My apologies also go to Trevor Smith. Trevor now retains the title of Club Champion and the cup will be returned to Trevor at the next shoot.

7th April 2024

David Chrobnik5071%Matthew Hall4361%Martin Townsend3550%
Mark Johnson4970%Clive Naish4057%Barry Glister3449%
Richard Hall4970%John Russell3956%Gary Smith3347%
Nigel Ware4767%Margaret Baxter3956%Nigel Bennett3347%
Tony Aubrey4767%Nigel Hawker3956%Phil Allen3347%
Marc Burnham4767%Stephen Stinson3956%Jonathan Green2941%
David Farr4666%Martin French3854%Liz Neville2941%
Steve Davis4666%Darren Andrews3753%Paul Dowsett2941%
Phillip Haynes4463%Alan Hopcraft3651%Paul Thomsett (G)2941%
Trevor Smith4361%Carl Mills3651%David Smith2840%
Adrian Gray4361%Rod Walker3651%Ed Judd2840%
Andrew Dowsett4361%Ian Best3651%John Conneely2739%
Andy Howard4361%Jay French (G)3651%Peter Noakes2739%
Jeff Goodridge4361%Chris Neville3550%Jackie Judd2536%
John Davies4361%James Mead3550%Mick Cox2434%
Kevin Stevens4361%Joshua Titcombe3550%Tony Marotto2434%

Thank you

Many thanks to all those who stayed after the shoot to help clear away. It made a huge difference and we got cleared away in record time. Your assistance is always appreciated even though it might not have been said at the time.

Thank you as well to everyone who helped set up.


Our apologies for the lateness in issuing the Christmas shoot handicap prizes. I hope all those who attended Sunday’s shoot have received their prize. If not, please mention it when you pay at the next shoot.


Over the past few months, we have been experiencing a few battery failures. It was discovered that not all the batteries were being charged due to loose connections. This has now been rectified with thanks to JD. We have also purchased 6 new heavy-duty batteries suitable for the traps. This now gives us a few spares should the need ever arise. We have also experienced some controllers failing. These have been replaced with new ones.

One of our members asked why the membership fees had increased, and whether it should have been voted on and approved by the membership.

The membership fees have always been matched to cover the costs of insurance and land rent. I am sure everyone has experienced the increase in insurance over the past couple of years and we also expect an increase in land rent as we have not seen a rise in the past 5 years. Regarding membership voting, this only applies to the election of the committee. The committee you elected meet up and makes all decisions regarding the running of the club. Club matters are discussed and voted upon during these meetings and throughout the year. Only items that get the majority vote are passed for action. The committee will always welcome any observations, ideas and constructive criticism. Your comments on how your committee can improve the club are appreciated as always and we are always looking for more committee members.


Shooting now starts at 10.00 am. There will be an exception at the next shoot due to holding the AGM before starting.

Member fees for rejoining or wishing to join were due at the end of March. There will be a grace period until the end of April. Thank you to all who have rejoined.

We hope to see you at the next shoot.

We Need Your Help!

Dear Members,

As a not-for-profit volunteer-run shooting club, it is incumbent upon the membership to help out when they can.

Some of you already do this during the set-up by loading clays, setting up the cages and setting out the layout. Thank you.

Everyone helps by breaking down the cages and taking the bins back to the clubhouse at the end of the shoot and we are very grateful for your help. However, I know in the past, this is all we have asked of you – but now we need a little more.

At the end of each shoot, it takes at least 5-6 people to pack away quickly and efficiently. Recently, there have been as few as 2 people packing away and this takes hours. This is not sustainable and unfair on those left to clear up.

We believe we have 2 choices:

Option 1)

More members to help clear away. We need at least 2 volunteers, preferably more, to supplement the committee members who are in attendance. These volunteers will be asked to drive the buggies and collect the traps to take back to the containers. The traps will be loaded into the containers by the committee or other volunteers.  They will also be needed to collect the cages and stands. Easy work – it only takes a little effort and about 30-40 minutes of your time.

Please note, that when you volunteer, it is only for that day’s shoot. We are not looking for you to commit for the whole year. With 50 members regularly shooting, it will only require each of you to volunteer once or twice per year. I believe this is a reasonable request to keep the club going.

To ensure we have enough volunteers, please state on your booking form in the ‘comments’ section, that you can help clear away. If we do not get at least 2 volunteers, it leaves us with option 2.

Option 2)

This will only occur if we don’t get volunteers to sign up to help clear away. Regretfully, we will have to cancel that week’s shoot. This is not an option any of us wants to do. To ensure there is enough time to evaluate if we have enough volunteers and advise membership accordingly, we will be closing the shoot bookings on a Wednesday night. This way, if we don’t have the numbers, those who have booked will be informed on a Thursday.

All of us like to shoot and a volunteer-led club is the only way to survive and to keep costs down. Please help your club and volunteer.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

With kind regards from The HansonCPC Committee

24th March 2024

Trevor Smith5376%Dan Peacock3550%Sophie King3043%
Joshua Titcombe4666%Kevin Stevens3550%Alan Hopcraft2739%
Clive Naish4564%Martin French3550%Tony Franks2637%
John Davies4463%Tony Aubery3550%Bill Turmeau2536%
Nigel Ware4463%Gary Smith3449%Chris Mison2536%
Richard Hall4361%Jeff Goodridge3449%Mark Wiggins2434%
Andy Howard4159%Rod Walker3347%Ron Moore2434%
Robin Gibbs4159%Steve Davis3347%David Smith2231%
Paul Baile (G)4159%Trevor Eddolls3347%Ed Judd2231%
David Farr4057%Garham Warren3246%John Conneely2231%
Phil Allen4057%Matthew Hall3246%Peter Noakes2231%
Robert Hughes4057%Jordan Savage (G)3246%Martin Townsend2130%
Nigel Hawker3854%Stuart King3246%Mick Cox1724%
Marc Burnham3854%Peter Duckitt3144%Jackie Judd1623%
Darren Andrews3651%Barry Glister3043%Tony Marotto1420%
John Russell3651%Colin Steeden3043%Oliver Vuceljic1319%
Milan Vuceljic3651%

A Class

Trevor Smith05353
John Davies44448
Nigel Ware34447
Andy Howard44145
Robin Gibbs34144
Dave Farr34043
Martin French43539
Steve Davis53338

B Class

Josh Titcombe04646
Clive Naish04545
Richard Hall14344
Robert Hughes44044
Darren Andrews53641
Kevin Stevens53540
Phil Allen04040
Milan Vuceljic23638
Dan Peacock33538
John Russell13637
Peter Duckitt63137
Trevor Eddolls33336
Jeff Goodridge23436
Graham Warren43236
Barry Glister63036
Gary Smith13435
Colin Steeden53035
Tony Aubrey03535
Rod Walker23335
Alan Hopcraft42731
Chris Mison52530

C Class

Hannah Hawkins93847
Matthew Hall13233
Bill Turmeau32528
Tony Franks22628
Ron Moore42428
Mark Wiggins42428
Martin Townsend62127
John Conneely52227
Peter Noakes52227
Ed Judd42226
David Smith32225
Oliver Vuceljic111324
Jackie Judd71623
Mick Cox31720
Tony Marrotto51419

Committee Members Needed

This is a not-for-profit shooting club run by volunteers.

Over the past couple of years, we have struggled to get volunteers to join the committee (an ageing committee). A committee is vital for any club to survive, without a committee to carry out the administrative duties, there is no club.

Being on the committee does not mean you have to be at every shoot, it does not mean you have to set up or pack away after every shoot. What it does do, is allow you to give your suggestions for improvement, opinions and vote on how the club is run. Yes, there are some duties to perform, but these are voluntary and some duties are just alternates should another committee member not be available at the time due to holidays, etc.

There are not many duties to carry out and we only convene a committee meeting 2 to 3 times in the year. As a small incentive, we give all committee members free membership after serving their first year and each year after that while serving on the committee.

If you want to join, please contact any existing committee member or shout out at the next AGM.

10th March 2024

Trevor Smith6289%John Davies4666%Robert Hughes3854%
Joshua Titcombe5579%Kevin Stevens4666%David Workman3753%
David Farr5477%Richard Hall4564%Alan Hopcraft3651%
Nigel Ware5477%Phillip Haynes4463%David Smith3550%
Andrew Dowsett5071%Rod Walker4463%Jonathan Green3347%
Martin French5071%Jeff Goodridge4361%Matthew Hall3347%
Andy Howard4970%Steve Davis4361%Barry Glister3144%
Mark Walker4970%Marc Burnham4361%Bill Turmeau3144%
Trevor Eddolls4970%Paul Baile (G)4260%Peter Noakes3043%
Derek Street4869%Gary Smith4159%Sophie King (GR)2637%
Phil Allen4869%Stuart King (GR)4057%Tony Marotto2434%
Stephen Stinson4869%John Russell3956%Eddie Brown2231%
Adrian Gray4767%Peter Duckitt3956%John Conneely2130%