We Need Your Help!

Dear Members,

As a not-for-profit volunteer-run shooting club, it is incumbent upon the membership to help out when they can.

Some of you already do this during the set-up by loading clays, setting up the cages and setting out the layout. Thank you.

Everyone helps by breaking down the cages and taking the bins back to the clubhouse at the end of the shoot and we are very grateful for your help. However, I know in the past, this is all we have asked of you – but now we need a little more.

At the end of each shoot, it takes at least 5-6 people to pack away quickly and efficiently. Recently, there have been as few as 2 people packing away and this takes hours. This is not sustainable and unfair on those left to clear up.

We believe we have 2 choices:

Option 1)

More members to help clear away. We need at least 2 volunteers, preferably more, to supplement the committee members who are in attendance. These volunteers will be asked to drive the buggies and collect the traps to take back to the containers. The traps will be loaded into the containers by the committee or other volunteers.  They will also be needed to collect the cages and stands. Easy work – it only takes a little effort and about 30-40 minutes of your time.

Please note, that when you volunteer, it is only for that day’s shoot. We are not looking for you to commit for the whole year. With 50 members regularly shooting, it will only require each of you to volunteer once or twice per year. I believe this is a reasonable request to keep the club going.

To ensure we have enough volunteers, please state on your booking form in the ‘comments’ section, that you can help clear away. If we do not get at least 2 volunteers, it leaves us with option 2.

Option 2)

This will only occur if we don’t get volunteers to sign up to help clear away. Regretfully, we will have to cancel that week’s shoot. This is not an option any of us wants to do. To ensure there is enough time to evaluate if we have enough volunteers and advise membership accordingly, we will be closing the shoot bookings on a Wednesday night. This way, if we don’t have the numbers, those who have booked will be informed on a Thursday.

All of us like to shoot and a volunteer-led club is the only way to survive and to keep costs down. Please help your club and volunteer.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

With kind regards from The HansonCPC Committee