Committee Members Needed

This is a not-for-profit shooting club run by volunteers.

Over the past couple of years, we have struggled to get volunteers to join the committee (an ageing committee). A committee is vital for any club to survive, without a committee to carry out the administrative duties, there is no club.

Being on the committee does not mean you have to be at every shoot, it does not mean you have to set up or pack away after every shoot. What it does do, is allow you to give your suggestions for improvement, opinions and vote on how the club is run. Yes, there are some duties to perform, but these are voluntary and some duties are just alternates should another committee member not be available at the time due to holidays, etc.

There are not many duties to carry out and we only convene a committee meeting 2 to 3 times in the year. As a small incentive, we give all committee members free membership after serving their first year and each year after that while serving on the committee.

If you want to join, please contact any existing committee member or shout out at the next AGM.

10th March 2024

Trevor Smith6289%John Davies4666%Robert Hughes3854%
Joshua Titcombe5579%Kevin Stevens4666%David Workman3753%
David Farr5477%Richard Hall4564%Alan Hopcraft3651%
Nigel Ware5477%Phillip Haynes4463%David Smith3550%
Andrew Dowsett5071%Rod Walker4463%Jonathan Green3347%
Martin French5071%Jeff Goodridge4361%Matthew Hall3347%
Andy Howard4970%Steve Davis4361%Barry Glister3144%
Mark Walker4970%Marc Burnham4361%Bill Turmeau3144%
Trevor Eddolls4970%Paul Baile (G)4260%Peter Noakes3043%
Derek Street4869%Gary Smith4159%Sophie King (GR)2637%
Phil Allen4869%Stuart King (GR)4057%Tony Marotto2434%
Stephen Stinson4869%John Russell3956%Eddie Brown2231%
Adrian Gray4767%Peter Duckitt3956%John Conneely2130%

11th February 2024

Marc Burnham5376%Shauna Ward4260%Phil Allen3753%
John Davies5274%Ashley Kiddle (G)4260%Rod Walker3753%
David Farr4970%Tony Franks4159%Mark Wiggins3651%
Peter Ward4970%Chris Mison4057%Alan Hopcraft3550%
Nigel Ware4869%John Russell4057%Sophie King (G)3550%
Trevor Smith4767%Richard Hall4057%Barry Glister3449%
Adrian Gray4666%Ian Best4057%Martin French3347%
Gary Smith4666%James Mead3956%Tony Marotto3347%
Steve Davis4666%Jeff Goodridge3956%Nigel Bennett3144%
Darren Andrews4564%Carl Kiddle3854%Harrison Walker3043%
Joshua Titcombe4564%Nigel Hawker3854%Peter Noakes3043%
Mark Walker4564%Paul Baile (G)3854%Jonathan Green2739%
Andy Howard4463%Stuart King (G)3854%Mick Cox2739%
Derek Street4463%Clive Naish3753%Ron Moore2739%
Paul Dowsett4463%David Smith3753%Martin Townsend2637%
Andrew Dowsett4361%Gwyn Llewellyn3753%Abi Stinson2333%
Robert Hughes4361%John Conneely3753%Stephen Stinson2130%
Peter Duckitt4260%

28th January 2024

Andy Howard5680%Nigel Ware4564%Martin French3753%
Trevor Smith5680%Robert Hughes4564%Rod Walker3753%
John Russell5173%Joshua Titcombe4361%Stephen Allen3753%
Carl Mills5071%Kevin Stevens4361%Ian Best3651%
John Davies5071%Paul Thomsett (G)4260%Graham Warren3347%
Mark Walker5071%Andrew Dowsett4159%Peter Noakes3347%
Marc Burnham (G)5071%Gary Smith4159%Chris Mison3246%
Steve Davis4970%Glyn Murray4159%David Smith3144%
David Farr4869%Paul Dowsett4159%Matthew Hall3043%
Nigel Hawker4869%Richard Hall4057%Mick Cox3043%
Jordan Savage (G)4869%Alan Hopcraft3854%Jonathan Green2333%
Tony Aubrey4767%Darren Andrews3854%Mark Wiggins2130%
Peter Ward4666%Barry Glister3753%John Conneely1927%
Clive Naish4564%Dave Martin3753%Bill Turmeau1826%
Tony Marotto1420%

14th January 2024

Andy Howard5984.29Trevor Smith4665.71Bill Turmeau3651.43
Nigel Ware5882.86Martin French4665.71Ian Best3550.00
Steve Stinson5375.71Tony McEvoy4665.71Jeff White3550.00
Clive Naish5274.29Rod Walker4665.71Abi Stinson3448.57
Craig Rolfe5172.86Graham Walker4564.29Darren Andrews3448.57
Dave Farr5172.86Matthew Hall4361.43Harrison Walker3448.57
Marc Burnham5172.86Milan Vuceljic4361.43Kieran Jordan (G)3347.14
Andy Dowsett5172.86Paul Baile (G)4260.00Peter Noakes3245.71
John Davies5071.43Glyn Murray4260.00Oliver Vuceljic3144.29
Steve Davis4970.00Jeff Goodridge4260.00Trevor Eddols3042.86
Mark Walker4970.00Chris Mison4260.00Ron Moore2840.00
Josh Titcombe4868.57Nigel Hawker4057.14Stephen Allen2738.57
Tony Aubrey4868.57Paul Dowsett4057.14Mick Cox2434.29
Gary Smith4868.57Craig House3955.71Jonathan Green2434.29
Richard Hall4868.57Bob Hughes3955.71Dan Mills (G)2332.86
Phil Allen4767.14Kevin Stevens3752.86Tony Franks1927.14
Adrian Gray4767.14David Smith3651.43Tony Marotto1825.71
John Russell4767.14Bary Glister3651.43

31st December 2023

Craig Rolfe5984%Andy Howard4767%Des McEvoy3854%
Tony Aubery5579%Paul Dowsett4767%Abi Stinson3753%
Trevor Smith5579%Marc Burnham (G)4767%Margaret Baxter3753%
Mark Walker5477%Jeff Goodridge4666%Jack Lennon3550%
David Farr5376%Martin French4666%David Smith3347%
Ian Pettifer5376%Richard Hall4666%Mick Cox3347%
Rod Walker5376%Stephen Stinson4666%Sam Meile (G)3246%
Kieran Jordan (G)5274%Adrian Gray4564%Martin Townsend3043%
John Farmer (G)5274%Colin Steeden4564%Nigel Bennett2941%
Nigel Hawker5173%Nigel Ware4564%George Bennett (G)2941%
Kevin Brawn (G)5071%Phil Allen4463%Bill Turmeau2840%
Glyn Murray4970%Paul Baile (G)4361%Peter Noakes2739%
John Davies4970%Alan Hopcraft4260%John Conneely2536%
Tony McEvoy4970%Joshua Titcombe4260%Craig House (G)2333%
Andrew Dowsett4869%Robert Hughes4260%Hannah Hawkins1724%
Matt Searle (G)1623%

17th December 2023

Tony McEvoy5680%David Farr4564%Jonathan Green3854%
Clive Naish5579%Ashley Kidelle (G)4564%Margaret Baxter3753%
Nigel Ware5579%Alan Hopcraft4463%Carl Kiddle (G)3753%
John Russell5376%Rod Walker4463%Sophie King (G)3753%
Phil Allen5376%Barry Glister4361%Eddie Brown3651%
Steve Davis5376%Chris Mison4361%Mick Cox3651%
Mark Johnson5173%Gary Smith4361%Darren Andrews3550%
Trevor Smith5173%Joshua Titcombe4361%Mark Wiggins3550%
Mark Walker5071%Ian Best4361%Phillip Haynes3550%
Kevin Stevens4970%Garham Warren4260%Nigel Bennett3449%
Richard Hall4970%Robert Hughes4260%David Smith3246%
Jeff Goodridge4869%Mark Burnham (G)4260%Martin Townsend3246%
John Davies4869%Adrian Gray4159%John Conneely3043%
Martin French4767%Nigel Hawker4159%Peter Noakes3043%
Stephen Stinson4767%Andy Howard3956%Abi Stinson2941%
Tony Aubery4767%Paul Dowsett3956%Matthew Hall2941%
Paul Thomsett (G)4767%Paul Baile (G)3956%Tony Marotto2941%
Andrew Dowsett4666%Stuart King (G)3956%Craig House (G)2434%
Craig Rolfe4666%Harrison Walker3854%

Class Handicap Results

A Class

Clive Naish65561
Nigel Ware35558
Steve Davis55358
Mark Johnson25153
Tony Aubrey64753
John Davies54853
Trevor Smith15152
Martin French54752
Mark Walker15051
Dave Farr54550
Andy Howard63945

B Class

Tony McEvoy25658
John Russell35356
Kevin Stevens54954
Phil Allen05353
Jeff Goodridge34851
Richard Hall14950
Chris Mison64349
Alan Hopcraft44448
Steve Stinson14748
Barry Glister54348
Andy Dowsett14647
Craig Rolfe14647
Rod Walker34447
Robert Hughes44246
Graham Warren34245
Gary Smith14344
Josh Titcombe14344
Adrian Gray34144
Paul Dowsett53944
Nigel Hawker24143
Darren Andrews53540
Margaret Baxter13738
Phil Haynes13536

C Class

Jonathan Green63844
Edward Brown53641
Mark Wiggins43539
Mick Cox33639
Harrison Walker03838
Martin Townsend63238
David Smith43236
Nigel Bennett13435
Peter Noakes53035
John Conneely43034
Tony Marrotto32932
Matthew Hall12930
Abigail Stinson12930

3rd December 2023

Nigel Ware4767%Jack Lennon3449%Trevor Eddolls2739%
Mark Johnson4666%Martin French3449%Robert Hughes2637%
Gary Smith4463%Milan Vuceljic3449%Darren Andrews2536%
Jeff Goodridge4361%Phillip Haynes3449%Sophie King (G)2536%
John Russell4361%Andrew Dowsett3347%Stephen Allen2231%
David Farr4260%Andy Howard3347%Ian Best (G)2231%
Matthew Hall4260%Tony Aubery3347%Eddie Brown2130%
Trevor Smith4159%Carl Kiddle (G)3347%Jonathan Green2130%
Paul Baile (G)4159%Simon West (G)3347%Mick Cox2130%
Nigel Hawker4057%Craig Rolfe3246%Peter Noakes2130%
Rod Walker4057%Paul Thomsett (G)3246%John Conneely1724%
Carl Ward (G)4057%John Davies3144%David Smith1623%
Mark Burnham (G)3854%Richard Hall3043%Mark Wiggins1623%
Joshua Titcombe3753%Sam Miles (G)3043%Peter Duckitt1623%
Steve Davis3753%Stuart King (G)2941%Craig House (G)1319%
Glyn Murray3550%Ashley Kidelle (G)2941%Kevin Stevens1217%
Alan Hopcraft3449%Paul Dowsett2840%Holly Larkcom-Cox (G)1217%
Clive Naish3449%Chris Mison2739%