Latest Scores for 2020

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Sunday 15th of March
A windy day today but the rain held off long enough to finish shooting.
​42 shooters turning out for the shoot with Derek Street taking high gun with a good 54


Sunday 1st of March
At last a dry day and 48 shooters took advantage to get out and shoot.
​Derek Street taking top spot with 48.
Sunday 19th of January
A cold and frosty day probably kept a few people away 34 shooters braving the cold.
​Mark Walker and Dave Farr taking the honors with 48.
Sunday 5th of January
At last a dry day for shooting.
A good turnout for the first shoot of the year 46 shooters turning.
​A slightly kinder shoot than the Christmas shoot with the wind behaving its self.
Mark Walker and Derek Street taking the top spot with 50
Latest Scores for 2019
Sunday 8th of December
55 Shooter turned out this Sunday for a  challenging Christmas shoot made very difficult by the strong winds, as the scores show.
Dean Wilson Taking the top spot with 37
A Class
B Class
C Class
Sunday 24th of November
Yet another damp and muddy morning for shooting but 50 shooters attended a good shoot
​Phil Allen taking top spot with 51
  • Sunday 10th of November
Another good day  for shooting 49 shooters turning out to shoot a challenging layout.
Dave Farr with a good 48 was top gun, a rare occasion these days for Dave
​but still proving that he can still turn it on well done Dave.


Sunday 27th of October
At last a warm sunny day for shooting
​54 shooters turning out to shoot a tricky little layout.
Sunday 13th of October
Another wet and windy day saw a disappointing turn out of just 28 shooters.
​Derek Street taking top spot with 47
Sunday 29th of September
A damp start and windy conditions made for a very interesting shoot today.
44 people turning out for the handicap shoot.
​Martin French taking the overall high gun with a very good 52
A Class
B Class
C Class
Sunday 15th of September 
Down a bit on numbers today people making the most of the autumn sunshine.
​33 shooters taking on a tricky little layout Derek Street coming out on top with 51.
Sunday 1st of September
52 people attended this years Presidents handicap shoot.
Mark Walker and Derek Street taking high gun on the day with 51.
​Adrian Gray winning the presidents cup with a handicap score of 63
Adrian Gray receiving the presidents cup from secretary Derek Street
Sunday 18th of August
A wet start to the day but clearing to finish in sunshine.
44 shooters turning out for the challenge with Derek Street taking the honors with 52


Sunday 4th of August
41 shooters took to the field today for the handicap shoot.
​Derek Street taking the high gun honors with 52
A Class
B Class
C Class
Sunday 21st of July
A lower  than average turn out today only 33 shooters taking to the field
​Robin Gibbs taking the honors with 52
Sunday 7th of July
Today was a good day for shooting warm with a little breeze making some of the targets a bit tricky.
​49 shooters turning out with Derek Street Taking High Gun with 52
Sunday 23rd of June
Today was our past members remembrance charity shoot
76 members and guests supported the event.
​Robin Gibbs taking high gun on the day with Ian Best taking the handicap trophy.
Sunday 9th of June
57 people attended the 3rd handicap shoot of the year in what turned out to be a lovely morning.
​J.D. of Grazeley taking high gun with a good 53
We were graced with the pleasure of Des McEvoy the Ilfracombe International Sporting Champion 2019.
Its a shame he didn’t shoot so well today.
A Class
B Class
C Class
Sunday 26th of May
A good turnout after a 4 week break 47 shooters taking on a tricky little layout.
​Steve Davis taking the honors with a very good 53
Sunday 28th of April
A Breezy, Chilly Day awaited the 47 shooters on Sunday.
Derek Street taking high gun on a tricky layout with 53.
Sunday 14th 0f April
A good turn out for the second handicap shoot of the year with 57 shooters taking to the field.
Mark Walker taking high gun with a very good 53.
A Class
B  Class
C Class
Sunday 31st of March
Another windy cold day today but 41 shooters took to the field for a testing layout set up by Simon and Mick well done chaps.
Derek Street taking high gun with 49
Sunday 17th of March
A better day for shooting today a bit breezy but dry.
34 shooters taking to the field with Robin Gibbs and Paul Mitchell taking the honours with 52
Sunday 3rd of March
What a difference in the weather, a wet windy and chilly day kept a few people away.
34 shooters braving the elements with Derek Street coming out on top with an impressive 57.
Sunday 17th of February
A lovely sunny day today 43 shooters turning out for the first handicap shoot of the year.
Overall high gun honours was taken by Martin French with a very good 53.
A Class
B Class
C Class
Sunday 20th of January 2019
Another good turn out today with 56 shooters taking to the field again.
Dave Farr finally getting back to the top again with a good 54 well done Dave
Sunday 6th of January 2019
A good turn out for the first shoot of 2019
56 shooter taking on a bit friendlier layout
Richard Hall taking top spot with a very good 56
Latest Scores for 2018
23rd of December 2018
43 shooters took to the field today for the last shoot of the year, taking on a bit of a toughie (cheers Simon)
A 3 way tie at the top with Alan Hopcroft, Dave Farr, and Steve Davis taking high gun with 39
9th of December 2018
A good turn out today for our Christmas shoot.
A close thing at the top with Trevor Kent taking top spot with 50.
A Class
B Class
C Class
25th of November 2018
51 Shooters turning out today for what turned out to be a chilly end to the morning.
Mark Walker taking high gun with a good 51.
11th of November 2018
Good weather for our remembrance day shoot
47 Shooters turning out for a delayed 11.15 start. Trevor Kent taking top spot with 52.
28th of October 2018
A better day for shooting this Sunday, but a strong breeze and a bright sun at times made it a bit challenging.
Robin Gibbs taking high gun with a very good 49.
14th of October 2018
A sopping wet Sunday morning for shooting but 28 loyal shooters turned out to support the club.
Derek Street and Trevor Kent taking top spot with 49.
Micky Cox shot a 31 not 20 sorry for the cock up Mick.

30th of September 2018
A Good turn out for the Handicap shoot today 58 shooters taking part Trevor Kent was high gun with 52

A Class winner Dave Martin
B Class Winner Des McEvoy
C Class Winner Ron Moore
16th of September 2018
40 shooters took to the field in what turned out to be a very blustery morning making targets a bit tricky
Derek Street and Robin Gibbs taking the honours with 51.
Paul Mitchell was looking after his dog today so only managed a 45, its always a pleasure to shoot with you Paul.
19th of August 2018
Another Good Turnout at Bennetts Hill today 57 shooters taking on a challenging layout but not all finished the course.
Trevor Smith and Trevor Kent sharing the honours on 46. Alas poor Paul Mitchell Had  late night on Saturday and only Managed a 37 (poor excuse)
5th of August 2018
Yet another scorching day at Bennetts hill 52 shooters turning out for the handicap shoot
Paul Mitchell taking overall high gun with a very good 55
A Class
B Class
Bob Hughes winning after a shoot off with Alan Hopcroft

C Class
Nigel Bennett winning after a shoot off with Rob Knight

22nd of July 2018
Another Hot day at Bennetts Hill today 43 shooters taking to the field to take on what ended up to be a bit of challenging layout
Tim Evans taking high gun with 48.
8th of July 20108
Today was the Annual Presidents cup 50 shooters took on a 100 bird layout in scorching heat Paul Mitchel as high gun on 91.
Handicap Scores for the Presidents Cup
Brian Bosworth collecting the Presidents cup from President Mick Cox
24th of June 2018
Another good turn out again today 55 shooters turning out on a glorious morning.
Dan Vince taking high gun with 54.
10th of June 2018
Another perfect day for shooting, 56 shooters took to the field for the June handicap shoot.
Richard Hall Taking the high gun with 51 and winning A class after a shoot off with Glyn Murray
A Class
B Class
C Class
27th of May 2018
A good day for shooting today with light winds and sunshine all morning.
39 Shooters turned out to shoot a good shooter friendly layout.
13th of May 2018
This Sunday was the Brian Rebeck Memorial shoot shot over a 100 bird layout.
60 shooters turned out to help make £700 for charity thank you everyone.
Over all scores
Handicap scores
Martin Crockford receiving the winning handicap shield from Chairman Mick Cox
Derek Street receiving the Hanson high gun cup from chairman Mick Cox
29th of April 2018
Another good turn out this morning 54 shooters taking on a challenging windy layout. set by Simon.
Paul Mitchell taking high gun with 50
15th of April 2018
This Sunday was the second Handicap shoot of the year and it saw 56 shooters turn out on a good day for shooting.
Tim Evans taking high gun with a good score of 54.

A Class

B Class

C Class

1st of April 2018
At Last a dry bright warm day to shoot, 47 shooters turning out to enjoy some decent weather.
Derek Street taking high gun with a very good 56
4th 0f March 2018
42 shooters turned out on what ended up to be a bit if a wet start to the day. Mark Walker taking top spot with 47
18th of February 2018
A better day for shooting today the wind picked up a bit towards the end to make things interesting Richard Hall in top spot with 45. Today saw the first handicap shoot of the year.
A Class
B Class
C Class
21st of January 2018
A very wet and cold morning so a big thank you to all who turned out, the score cards were a bit soggy so sorry if any scores are wrong.
7th of January 2018
48 Shooters braved the cold wind for the first shoot of the year, Paul Mitchell taking high gun with a good 49.
Latest Scores 2017
Clays get the better of you again? Victim of dodgy scoring? Gun playing up? 
10th  Dec 2017
Christmas Handicap Shoot
A Class
B Class
C Class
  • 26th of November 2017

29th of October 2017

15th of October 2017
43 shooters took to the field in what turned out to be a bit of a blustery day. Tim Evens took top spot with a very good 53.

1st of October 2017

A good turn out today 49 shooters attending our new class handicap system with Guest Glen Golsthorpe taking the overall high gun with 52.
A Class
B Class
C Class

17th September 2017

Scores for 17th of September, sorry for late posting due to holiday.
20th August 2017
Entries down a bit this morning 35 shooters turning up for a good layout by Mick Cox. Chris Ranner taking the top slot with 52
6th August 2017
50 Shooters turned out this morning to take on Chris Sales first layout for the club, a good first effort Chris well done.
Yours truly taking the honours with a respectable 50.

23rd July 2017

Today was the Brian Rebeck 100 Bird Memorial Shoot a reasonable turn out of 47 shot a challenging layout.
Dean Gibbs taking the high gun trophy with a very good 90 and Kieran Jordan taking the handicap trophy with a well deserved 92 well done to both shooters.
9th July 2017
A good turn out this morning with 55 shooters putting their skills against a good layout and high temperatures.
Dean Gibbs putting in an impressive 56 to take high gun.

25th June 2017

A bit of a windy morning and a tricky little layout saw the scores down a bit. Good to see Dan Vince back on form with a top score of 45

11th June 2017

 A good turn out for the handicap shoot today. 47 shooters taking on a challenging layout with targets being pushed around by the wind.
Dean Gibb taking high gun with a very good 55, and Keith Moss taking the handicap high gun with 66. Well done to both shooters.

Dean Gibb receiving his bottle of wine for overall high gun (above)
Keith Moss receiving his joint of meat for handicap high gun (below)

28th May 2017

Possibly the hottest Sunday morning of the year saw 44 shooters putting their skills against a very good layout set up by our joint high scorer Ryan Murphy who tied with Paul Mitchel on 51, well done Ryan and Paul. (WHAT WENT WRONG TODAY GLYN)

14th May 2017

Good weather, good layout, and some good shooting to boot. 43 people shooting a fair layout with a variety of targets to suit everyone, well done Micky Cox. Glyn Murray coming out on top with a very respectable 53. 

30th April 2017

Another good turnout this morning with 58 shooters putting their skills against a good layout made tricky by a strong gusty wind.  Paul Mitchell has taken over all high gun with 48, Richard Castell was Hanson high gun with 42 and Robert Knight takes  the Handicap high gun with 55.  Well done to all three shooters.

Handicap Scores

Richard Castell Receiving his bottle of wine for Hanson High Gun

Robert Knight receiving his I.O.U for his joint of meat for handicap high gun

16th April 2017

A near perfect day for shooting today with a good turnout of 47 shooters. Dan Vince topping the table with 51. Only 4 shooters shooting less than 50% so if I say it myself a very fair layout today, thanks for all the help today it does make the day a lot more relaxing if people chip in.
2nd April 2017
Good turnout today with 51 shooters and perfect weather.  Congratulations to John Mitchell who was top gun with 52.  Most shooters today shot 50% or more so a very fair layout.  Well done Jeff!!

19th March 2017

Pretty challenging shoot this morning – made harder by the wind! Notwithstanding the conditions – there were some pretty good scores – with Derek Street leading the way with an impressive 75! The presidents cup was won by our resident chef – Glyn! Glyn shot a very good 74 which combined with his handicap gave him a total score of 89! Really nicely shot – I knew he’d been sandbagging! 😉

Don’t forget that its the AGM before the next shoot – there are places on the committee available – so please let Simon know if you would like to stand.

Thanks to everyone who turned up early this morning to set-up – was much appreciated!!

Glyn collecting his trophy from club President – Micky Cox! Well shot!

5th March 2017

Reckon the threat of rain kept some of the fair weather shooters away this morning – you know who you are! 🙂 Those who braved the elements were rewarded with some pretty decent weather and a great mornings shooting.

Today was the first leg of our annual competition with Grazeley. Having been hammered for the last few years – we were hopeful of reversing the trend with a host of new members. The results did not disappoint. Depsite Tim top scoring with an impressive 54 (still awaiting results from the urine test) – Hanson came through with a 33 clay victory. Well shot all round!

Thanks to those who turned up early to help set-up. Much appreciated!

Next Hanson shoot is the 100 bird presidents cup… hope to see you there!

Well shot Hanson – suspect we will have our work cut out for us in the next leg!

19th February 2017

Updating the site this week from the Big Apple – so apologies for the slight delay! Sounds like a good mornings shooting by all accounts. Layout courtesy of Ryan Murphy… his first for the club. Great score from Paul on what looks to have been a challenging layout!

5th February 2017

A well attended shoot this morning saw Robin Gibbs walk away with the high gun after a very good 47 on a day when many of us struggled! The handicap was won by Mick Cox after a fantastic score of 38 – which coupled with his handicap gave him a total of 54! Really well shot Mick – well deserved!! Not going to comment on the fact that Mick also set the course! 😉 See you all soon!
* Insufficient club shoots – handicap awarded after three shoots in membership year.
Mick collecting his prize from Dave Martin! Really nicely shot mate!

22nd January 2017

Well… that was distinctly chilly! 🙂 Despite the fact that it was -5 when we arrived this morning we managed to avoid frostbite and put a layout together! 🙂 A really good turn out today, with 63 shooters at the ground – a new club record! Some very good scores – with Keith Collier leading the charge with an excellent 59! Very nicely shot!

Quick reminder on behalf of the committee. No pump action shotguns at the site please. Guns to be carried in slips when not in use and flags to be used in semi-autos.

Note: Given the numbers in recent weeks – people wishing to shoot in a particular squad to be booked in by 9.30 going forward with everyone else booked in by 9.45 please. Should enable us to start promptly.  Thanks and see you all soon!

8th January 2017 – Happy New Year!

First Hanson shoot of the New year! Slight delay in posting the scores owing to the fact that I’m sat on an island in the middle of the Philippines! Internet speed is not the greatest – but there are other compensations! 🙂 Looks like the tower proved tricky for a number of shooters on Sunday! Well shot Derek, Dean and John… see you all at the next shoot!

18th December – Christmas Shoot

Great turn out today – 60 shooters at the ground! Clearly a free shoot is the way to bring out the crowds! 🙂 In any event it was a good layout that saw some decent scores. Dean Gibbs top scored with 55 – but many of our regular shooters put in decent totals today! In total, 20 prizes awarded to Hanson members. Thought the exploding clays were great – went off like canons! Have a fantastic Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Next shoot is at Grazeley
– 70 birds on the 1st January. Back at Hanson on the 8th…

4th December Handicap Shoot

A good turn out today – despite the fact it was a tad chillly! A great layout courtesy of Derek Street saw some mixed scores with most struggling on at least one stand. Dean Gibbs shot a great 53, whilst the handicap was won by Tony Franks! Becoming a habit Tony – well done! Hanson high gun was won by yours trully – must be nearly Christmas! 🙂

The next shoot will be the Christmas shoot on the 18th. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s FREE to members of Hanson and Grazeley
  • All shooters to bring a prize for the raffle (bottle of wine, decent box of chocolates etc) – all funds raised go to the club
  • It’s a handcap shoot
  • Hanson have 20 prizes this year for the top 20 handicap scores
    (1-5 roast beef, 5-10 pork, 10-15 gammon, 15-20 four beers)
  • As a bit of fun we have an ‘explosive’ stand! Hit an ‘exploding’ clay and win a prize
  • The treasurer is buying first round at the pub after the shoot

Hope to see you all there!

Tony collects his prize from Dave Martin. Well shot Tony – well deserved!

A very serious looking JD collects the Hanson/Grazeley trophy on behalf of the club.

Look after the trophy for us – we want it back next year!

20th November

Great to see so many of you at the shoot today despite the weather! In the end we got away with it – not too cold or wet in the end! Sun shines on the righteous – or something like that! 😉

Not long until the Christmas shoot! 5 groups this year – so make sure you have at least three shoots under your belt this year to qualify…  Still places available for lunch on the 18th. Remember to bring your form and deposit to the next shoot.

6th November – Competition Vs Grazeley

A close run thing today. Grazeley beat Hanson by a single clay! However, Hanson had a tiny deficit of 67 going into the competition! So accross the two legs Hanson lost by the narrowest of margins – what’s 68 clays between friends! 🙂 Well shot Tim Evans who was top gun on the day with a 52!

In addition, Richard Hall beat yours truly in the shoot off making him the overall winner of last weeks handicap! Well shot Richard!

Dont forget – it’s the Christmas handicap shoot on the 18th December. For those of you not familiar with the format – we shoot in three groups (based on averages) with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each group. In addition – we run a raffle – each member to bring a prize please (typically a bottle of wine or similar). For those that fancy it we are having lunch and a beer at the Fox and Hounds afterwards – see either the blog page or David M’s mail for details. See you all soon!

Well shot Grazeley – although much closer this leg!
Richard looks deeply uncomfortable! 🙂 Anyone would have thought I’d just asked to marry his daughter! Well shot nonetheless!

23rd October – Handicap Shoot

Another great turn out today and some pretty decent weather after a misty start! High gun went to Richard Hall with an excellent 52! The honours were shared on the handicap after yours trully equalled Richard’s handicap score of 59. We will hold a shoot off at the next Hanson shoot – in the meantime the prize is sitting in Paul Cooke’s freezer!
Long Overdue

Finally awarded Tony his well deserved memorial shield today! Apologies for delay!

Well shot Richard! 52 takes the prize for the high gun!

9th October

Few issues with the traps today – but great morning for shooting! Well shot Paul – great score! Clearly Derek’s coaching has made a difference! 🙂

25th September

Great turn out today – with 53 shooters at the ground! Derek Street put in an excellent 56! Well shot!

Don’t forget next Saturday we are shooting from 11:00 – 16:00. Compaq, sporting layout and pool shoot. All intended to generate funds for the club! Bring your freinds – should be something for everybody! ‘Have a go stand’ for those new to the sport…

Gun of the week!

Great gun! I couldn’t shoot it for toffee (no change there) – but good fun none the less!

11th September

A well attended handicap shoot in the sun this morning! Some decent scores today on a good layout – thanks Dave Martin! John Mitchell top scored with a very good 52! Nicely shot! The handicap was won by yours trully – which just goes to show that every dog has his day!
Reminder that to qualify for a handicap – members must have shot three rounds in the membership year.

28th August

We tried something a little different today – 60 birds over 7 stands. Intention was to reduce waiting time on the stands given the number of shooters we’ve had in recent weeks. Thought it worked pretty well. Some decent scores today – well shot Tim – an impressive total of 50.

We also managed to award James his most improved trophy – he hasn’t been down for a while and had to bow out early today to attend an emregency call. Nonetheless he still managed to find 30 seconds for a suitably smug photo! 🙂

See you all soon!

Most Improved shot 2015-16: James Mead

14th August

Really decent turn out today! Great to see so many new faces! Shooters were greeted with a pretty taxing layout! For those new to the club – don’t be discouraged – that was definitely one of our more challenging shoots! Well shot Graham… great score! Hope to see you all again soon…

31st July

Memorial Charity Shoot

Okay – Mea Culpa!! That means – I stuffed up! I had, as someone pointed, out worked out the handicaps based on 60 birds – given that it was a 100 bird competition – it does makes a difference!! Good news is that Derek still won the High Gun with an impressive score of 91! However, it means that the winner of the handicap shoot is none other than our resident chef – Tony Franks! Tony will receive his trophy once we get it back from its’ previous holder! In the interim – Tony has significant bragging rights (can imagine that Glyn will be particularly chuffed for you mate)! Well done to both shooters!!
Photo of Tony with cup coming soon!

3rd July 2016

Good turn out today and finally some decent weather! Layout looked pretty straightforward… but just shows – still need to concentrate!

19th June 2016

Great handicap shoot today! Well done to our winner Darren Andrews! Congrats also go to Derek Street who won the Hanson high gun! You may also remember that Derek was the overall Hanson High Gun 2015-16. We finally awarded him his trophy today – see the ‘news page’ to see Derek looking suitably smug! We also should mention John Mitchell from our sister club who put in an impressive 53 today – nicely done!
* New members to the club. Welcome to Hanson! We’ll get you sorted with a handicap as soon as you have shot three rounds as a member…

5th June 2016

Well shot Richard – nicely done!

22nd May 2016

24th April 2016

10th April 2016

Congratulations to Barry Glister for winning the Presidents Cup! Great score of 48. Was great to see how pleased his mates were to see him win! Thought Glyn looked particularly chuffed to see Barry lift the trophy! 🙂 Well shot Clive – more than handy 51!
We have a few new members joining this year and will allocate handicaps after three shoots as a member… good luck!

27th March 2016

Apologies for the delay in posting! Well done Tim – nice to see you’re back on it!

13th March 2016
(apologies for any inconvience or distress that may have been caused by previous typo)

Good layout today – with the tower proving challenging for most!

28th February 2016

Not everybody ended up shooting the compak and the sporting layout today – so I’ve broken out the scores separately. Enjoy!

14th February 2016

Well done to our handicap winner Steve Workman – great aggregate score of 53! Derek Street was Top Gun with a worthy 45! Congratulations to both!

31st January 2016

17th January 2016

3rd January 2016

Christmas Shoot

6th December Shoot

Handicap Shoot Results 22nd November

A well attended shoot saw Derek Street win both the high gun and the handicap – despite shooting off scratch! Well done Derek and congratulations to the raft of shooters who came second… a very close competition!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may notice that the handicaps below were slightly lower than billed. This was the result of an adjustment to the averages to reflect the fact that the shoot on 7th June was a 70 bird – not a 60 bird!

All Scores

Handicap Scores

Insufficient Shoots: Shooters must have shot three prior rounds in the membership year in order to quaify

Scores from Saturday 7th November
The wettest days shooting I can remember! It was more like a water sport… certainly not for fair weather shooters! The score cards looked like paper mache by the end! Well done Paul Mitchell – great score under the circumstances! Big welcome also to new member Ron Moore!