Committee Members Needed

This is a not-for-profit shooting club run by volunteers.

Over the past couple of years, we have struggled to get volunteers to join the committee (an ageing committee). A committee is vital for any club to survive, without a committee to carry out the administrative duties, there is no club.

Being on the committee does not mean you have to be at every shoot, it does not mean you have to set up or pack away after every shoot. What it does do, is allow you to give your suggestions for improvement, opinions and vote on how the club is run. Yes, there are some duties to perform, but these are voluntary and some duties are just alternates should another committee member not be available at the time due to holidays, etc.

There are not many duties to carry out and we only convene a committee meeting 2 to 3 times in the year. As a small incentive, we give all committee members free membership after serving their first year and each year after that while serving on the committee.

If you want to join, please contact any existing committee member or shout out at the next AGM.