Handicap Shoots

Handicap Guide

  • Guests are welcome to attend – but will not be eligible for prizes
  • Prizes will be awarded  highest gun in each class. Prizes are open to members only – although everyone is welcome to shoot
  • To qualify for prizes at a handicap shoot members must have shot at least three prior rounds at Hanson in the membership year (with exception of first handicap of the year)
  • Handicaps will be calculated relative to the member(s) with the then highest rolling average in the club – that member(s) will shoot off scratch. Everybody else will be given a positive handicap based on their rolling average
  • In the event of a tie – the highest score from stand 1 will be used as as tie-breaker, if tied on stand 1, the scores will be taken from stand 2 and so on.  
  • Handicap and Christmas shoots will be shot in 3 classes A, B, and C Class. Handicaps will be calculated relevant to the scores in each class