3rd December 2023

Nigel Ware4767%Jack Lennon3449%Trevor Eddolls2739%
Mark Johnson4666%Martin French3449%Robert Hughes2637%
Gary Smith4463%Milan Vuceljic3449%Darren Andrews2536%
Jeff Goodridge4361%Phillip Haynes3449%Sophie King (G)2536%
John Russell4361%Andrew Dowsett3347%Stephen Allen2231%
David Farr4260%Andy Howard3347%Ian Best (G)2231%
Matthew Hall4260%Tony Aubery3347%Eddie Brown2130%
Trevor Smith4159%Carl Kiddle (G)3347%Jonathan Green2130%
Paul Baile (G)4159%Simon West (G)3347%Mick Cox2130%
Nigel Hawker4057%Craig Rolfe3246%Peter Noakes2130%
Rod Walker4057%Paul Thomsett (G)3246%John Conneely1724%
Carl Ward (G)4057%John Davies3144%David Smith1623%
Mark Burnham (G)3854%Richard Hall3043%Mark Wiggins1623%
Joshua Titcombe3753%Sam Miles (G)3043%Peter Duckitt1623%
Steve Davis3753%Stuart King (G)2941%Craig House (G)1319%
Glyn Murray3550%Ashley Kidelle (G)2941%Kevin Stevens1217%
Alan Hopcraft3449%Paul Dowsett2840%Holly Larkcom-Cox (G)1217%
Clive Naish3449%Chris Mison2739%

19th November 2023

Trevor Smith5984%Rod Walker4159%Adrian Gray3550%
David Farr5477%Stephen Stinson4159%David Chrobnik3550%
Nigel Hawker4869%Matthew Hall4057%Margaret Baxter3550%
Mark Walker4767%Gary Smith4057%Barry Glister3449%
Nigel Ware4767%John Russell4057%Robert Hughes3449%
Martin French4666%Stephen Allen4057%Chris Mison3347%
Steve Davis4666%Trevor Eddolls4057%Graham Warren3347%
Clive Naish4564%Colin Steeden3854%Tony Marotto3347%
Ian Best (G)4463%Dave Martin3854%Paul Dowsett3144%
Matt Walker (G)4463%Joshua Titcombe3854%Phil Allen3144%
Andrew Dowsett4361%Milan Vuceljic3854%Peter Noakes2840%
John Davies4361%Dave Martin Jnr3854%David Smith2739%
Tony McEvoy4361%Harrison Walker3753%Nigel Bennett2739%
Jeff Goodridge4260%Mick Cox3753%Bill Turmeau2637%
Alan Hopcraft4159%Richard Hall3753%Jonathan Green2637%
Andy Howard4159%Paul Baile (G)3753%Peter Duckitt2637%
Darren Andrews4159%Abi Stinson3651%Martin Townsend2231%
Andy (G)2130%

Christmas Raffle

Tickets for the Christmas Raffle will be on sale from the next shoot.

Prizes to be given out at the Christmas shoot.

Tickets are £5 per strip. Please bring cash and get your raffle tickets from Wendy.

5th November 2023

Mark Walker6086%Alan Hopcraft4767%Paul Baile (G)4159%
Derek Street5781%Jack Lennon4666%Tony Marotto3854%
Steve Davis5680%Miulan Vuceljic4666%George Bennett (G)3854%
Joshua Titcombe5579%Adrian Gray4564%Paul Dowsett3753%
Martin French5579%Barry Glister4564%Matthew Hall3651%
David Farr5477%Carl Mills4564%Stephen Allen3651%
John Davies5477%Gary Smith4564%Abi Stinson3550%
Garham Warren5376%Sam Miles (G)4564%Bill Turmeau3550%
Nigel Bennett5376%Ian Pettifer4463%Mick Cox3550%
Richard Hall5376%Jeff Goodridge4463%Robert Hughes3550%
Dave Carr (G)5376%Phil Allen4463%David Smith3449%
Andy Howard5274%Jack Dowsett (G)4463%Jackie Judd3144%
John Russell5274%Eddie Brown4361%John Conneely2739%
Nigel Ware5274%Nigel Hawker4361%Hannah Hawkins2434%
Phillip Haynes5274%Peter Duckitt4361%Ed Judd2333%
Andrew Dowsett4869%Stephen Stinson4260%Josh Lewis (G)2333%
Chris Mison4869%Dave Martin4159%Jonathan Green2231%
Darren Andrews4869%Matt Walker (G)4159%Peter Noakes1927%

22nd October 2023

Mark Burnham (G)4970%John Davies3651%Ed Judd2941%
Mark Walker4869%Martin French3651%Mark Wiggins2941%
Gary Smith4767%John Russell3550%Matthew Hall2941%
Trevor Smith4767%Rod Walker3550%Adrian Gray2840%
Nigel Ware4666%Paul Baile (G)3550%Mick Cox2739%
Steve Davis4666%Robert Hughes3449%Jack Dowsett (G)2739%
Carl Mills4463%Alan Hopcraft3347%Bill Turmeau2637%
Jeff Goodridge4361%Barry Glister3347%Richard Elbro2637%
Margaret Baxter4361%James Carr3347%Jeff White2536%
Phil Allen4361%Joshua Titcombe3246%John Conneely2536%
Clive Naish4260%Nigel Hawker3246%Kevin Stevens2536%
Richard Hall4159%Peter Noakes3246%Darren Andrews2434%
Tony Aubrey4159%Stuart King (G)3246%Sophie King (G)2434%
David Farr3854%David Smith3144%Eddie Brown2333%
Ian Best (G)3753%Stephen Allen3144%Martin Townsend2231%
Andrew Dowsett3651%Paul Dowsett3043%Jackie Judd2029%
Tony Marotto1420%


Clocks & Time Change

You may have noted the change in start time for the upcoming shoots when you booked in.

Starting times have been put back to 10.30 to allow more time in daylight hours to set-up the shoot.

Recently, setting up the shoot is taking longer due to the lack of volunteers. We manage to keep costs and resulting shoot fees low because we are a non-profit club that can only exist by members volunteering to lend a hand. Your club has a small committee that organises and completes all the background tasks that most of you are unaware of. With the exception of a couple of regular non-committee members, most of you turn up, enjoy the shoot and leave. We all have busy lives but we do need your help in setting up.

We are not asking you to arrive exceptionally early, and it is no longer necessary to pull out traps or to carry boxes of clays and batteries to each stand, Neither do we ask you to haul the gun racks and cages to each stand – we’ve got that covered. So what can you do?

The last and easiest task is all we are asking you to help with, and it will only take a little effort and just a few minutes – you can even do it in pairs so you can carry on talking to your friends. When you arrive at the shoot at your normal time (we are not asking you to come earlier), and before you have a cup of tea, coffee or bacon roll, take a walk down the field, and if you see a trap that is not full of clays, load it up. All the traps are unarmed and safe until they have been loaded. Please do not turn them on. Loading a trap takes less than 5 minutes. Your help will make a difference, if we have enough volunteers to do at least 1 trap each, it is likely your assistance may not be required, and we are only asking you to do at least 1 trap.

Our thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

8th October 2023

Andy Howard6390%Gary Smith4869%Andrew Dowsett3956%
Trevor Smith5883%John Savage (G)4869%M Wiggins3956%
Robert Hughes5781%Josh Titcombe4869%Rod Walker3956%
Mark Walker5579%Steve Davis4869%David Smith3854%
Nigel Ware5579%Abigail Stinson4767%Peter Munday (G)3854%
Stephen Stinson5477%Martin French4767%Paul Dowsett3753%
Nigel Hawker5274%Shauna Ward4666%Ron Moore3651%
Clive Naish5173%Richard Hall4564%John Conneely3550%
John Davies5173%Tony Marotto4564%Barry Glister3449%
Darren Andrews4970%Milan Vuceljic4361%Ed Judd3449%
David Farr4970%Peter Duckitt4361%Jackie Judd3449%
Jeff Goodridge4970%Jeff White4159%Mick Cox3449%
Mark Burnham (G)4970%K Jordan (G)4159%Peter Noakes3449%
Tony McEvoy4970%Margaret Baxter4057%Martin Townsend2941%
S King (G)2739%

24th September 2023

Trevor Smith6086%Jack Lennon4361%Paul Dowsett3651%
Mark Walker5477%Robert Hughes4260%Kevin Stevens3550%
Derek Street5173%Steve Davis4260%Jonathan Green3347%
John Davies5071%Shauna Ward4159%Liz Neville3347%
Clive Naish4767%Richard Hall4057%Peter Munday (G)3347%
David Farr4767%Darren Andrews3956%Tony Aubery3246%
Gary Smith4767%Phil Allen3956%Chris Neville3144%
Nigel Ware4767%Andrew Dowsett3854%Dave Martin3144%
Peter Ward4666%Andy Howard3854%Jeff White2941%
Trevor Eddolls4666%Jeff Goodridge3854%John Conneely2941%
Adrian Gray4564%John Russell3854%Tony Marotto2941%
Milan Vuceljic4564%Martin French3854%Martin Townsend2637%
Robin Gibbs4564%Phillip Haynes3854%Eddie Brown2536%
Colin Steeden4463%Stephen Allen3854%Mick Cox2536%
Stephen Stinson4463%Alan Hopcraft3753%Hannah Hawkins2333%
Mark Burnham (G)4463%Graham Warren3651%David Smith2033%

Winner of the Presidents Cup 2023 – Trevor Smith

HANDICAP WINNERS Class A – Trevor Smith | Class B – Colin Steeden | Class C – John Conneely

10th September 2023

Carl Mills5579%Andrew Dowsett4666%Chris Neville3854%
Mark Walker5579%David Farr4564%Richard Elbro3854%
Robin Gibbs5477%Adrian Gray4463%Jeff White3753%
Andy Howard5376%Joshua Titcombe4463%Jonathan Green3753%
John Davies5376%Martin French4463%Stephen Allen3651%
Peter Ward5274%Robert Hughes4463%Kevin Stevens3550%
Dan Peacock5173%Mark Burnham4463%Bill Turmeau3449%
Phil Allen5173%Liz Neville4361%Tony Marotto3347%
Glyn Murray5071%Paul Dowsett4361%Martin Townsend2840%
John Russell5071%Kevin Brawn (G)4361%Roland Dutton2840%
Margaret Baxter5071%Chris Mison4260%Eddie Brown2637%
Trevor Eddolls5071%Jeff Goodridge4260%Mick Cox2637%
Nigel Ware4869%Darren Andrews4159%Nigel Bennett2333%
Jordan Savage (G)4869%Rod Walker4159%Owen Adams (G)2029%
Alan Hopcraft4666%Garham Warren3956%

In Memoriam – Tim McDermott

It is sad to inform you that Tim has passed away. Despite his declining health, Tim put on a brave face, wore a big smile, and always had a kind word for others. He said it was not about the scores but the enjoyment of shooting in the company of his good friends – which is so true for many of us. We are grateful he spent some of his time with us on the weekends.

Our deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences go to his family and closest friends.

How lucky we were to have a friend that makes saying goodbye so hard.