Clocks & Time Change

You may have noted the change in start time for the upcoming shoots when you booked in.

Starting times have been put back to 10.30 to allow more time in daylight hours to set-up the shoot.

Recently, setting up the shoot is taking longer due to the lack of volunteers. We manage to keep costs and resulting shoot fees low because we are a non-profit club that can only exist by members volunteering to lend a hand. Your club has a small committee that organises and completes all the background tasks that most of you are unaware of. With the exception of a couple of regular non-committee members, most of you turn up, enjoy the shoot and leave. We all have busy lives but we do need your help in setting up.

We are not asking you to arrive exceptionally early, and it is no longer necessary to pull out traps or to carry boxes of clays and batteries to each stand, Neither do we ask you to haul the gun racks and cages to each stand – we’ve got that covered. So what can you do?

The last and easiest task is all we are asking you to help with, and it will only take a little effort and just a few minutes – you can even do it in pairs so you can carry on talking to your friends. When you arrive at the shoot at your normal time (we are not asking you to come earlier), and before you have a cup of tea, coffee or bacon roll, take a walk down the field, and if you see a trap that is not full of clays, load it up. All the traps are unarmed and safe until they have been loaded. Please do not turn them on. Loading a trap takes less than 5 minutes. Your help will make a difference, if we have enough volunteers to do at least 1 trap each, it is likely your assistance may not be required, and we are only asking you to do at least 1 trap.

Our thanks in anticipation of your assistance.